MBA Home For All Pledge Partner: CoreLogic

(One in a series of profiles of MBA member companies that have signed the MBA Home For All Pledge, an initiative to promote inclusion in housing.)

CoreLogic, Irvine, Calif., is a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider. The company’s combined data from public, contributory and proprietary sources includes more than 4.5 billion records spanning more than 50 years, providing detailed coverage of property, mortgages and other encumbrances, consumer credit, tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information.

The markets CoreLogic serves include real estate and mortgage finance, insurance, capital markets and the public sector. CoreLogic delivers value to clients through unique data, analytics, workflow technology, advisory and managed services. Clients rely on CoreLogic to help identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance and mitigate risk. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., CoreLogic operates in North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit

MBA NEWSLINK: Why did CoreLogic sign the MBA Home for All Pledge?

PATRICK DODD, CEO: “We’re committed to being the engine that helps every person achieve the dream of homeownership who wants it.”

NEWSLINK: What is FHLBSF doing to implement key provisions of the Home for All Pledge?

DODD: “To date as a company we have invested nearly $1M in business intelligence solutions that help home builders, investors, and federal, state, and local government optimize local decision/making with respect to what types of affordable homes for sale to build and where to build them for LMI families. We also support MBA at its state HFA partners in convening local housing stakeholders in actionable Workshops that seek to identify the local market dislocations preventing scale development of new housing and strategically target projects to invest in, collectively, to remove these barriers, thereby positioning future projects for more efficient and successful outcomes.

“At CoreLogic, we see data science as a critical enabler to solving some of the housing industry’s most pressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges. We’re proud to be a partner and sponsor of the MBA Convergence Program, which is an actionable, repeatable approach for solving affordable homeownership challenges at the local level.”


About the MBA Home For All Pledge

MBA recognizes and values the opportunities for working together as an industry to promote inclusion in housing. We believe that these opportunities can, and need to be, significantly expanded.

The Home for All Pledge represents our industry’s long-term commitment on a sustained and holistic approach to address racial inequities in housing. By signing, you are agreeing to be a champion for change in addressing the barriers to sustainable housing for persons and communities of color. 

Through advocacy, partnerships, and connections within the industry, you pledge to support MBA’s efforts to ensure fair, equitable and responsible lending and affordable rental housing for minorities.

Pillars of the pledge include:

–Promote and support public policies and industry practices that advance minority homeownership and affordable rental housing;

–Support market-based solutions through MBA’s place-based CONVERGENCE programs;

–Champion Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in our workplaces and our industry; and

–Support inclusion in single-family and/or multifamily housing with similar actions that are not listed under the above three commitments

For more information about the MBA Home For All Pledge, visit