Tony Thompson, CMB: CCL Coaching Program Launches at NAMMBA

Tony Thompson, CMB, founded the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America in 2016. NAMMBA is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to inclusion of women and minorities in the mortgage industry who are advocates for sustainable homeownership in local communities. Its mission is to increase the engagement of women and minorities in the mortgage industry by actively being involved at the local, state and national level of the Mortgage Bankers Association. To learn more about NAMMBA, log on to

Tony Thompson, CMB

The secret to success in the CRA/LMI marketplace isn’t a formula. It isn’t banging your head on the proverbial brick wall hoping for a breakthrough.

And it isn’t trying the same old tactics in the hope that something sticks. It’s a combination of knowledge and becoming a part of the community you serve.

Success just isn’t that easy to achieve, but is well worth the effort, with up to 100% of market growth expected to come from historically underserved markets through 2040. How can you get your team on board with CRA/LMI lending AND help them smash their sales goals?

I’ve taken what I have learned as a successful sales manager, team leader, and creator and distilled it into an 8-session coaching program called Certified Community Lender (CCL).

CCL is powerful because it covers why the CRA is necessary and why this market is the backbone of creating long-term stability in the marketplace. You’ll learn game plans for making alliances with partners like real estate agents and builders. Loan originators will craft business plans and learn how to host successful education and homebuyer seminars. You can set up your team to become trusted advisors in the communities they serve…not just loan salespeople.

Your team can grow from resisting this market to incorporating it as a part of a healthy, sustainable, and ultimately profitable part of your company’s lending mix.

You have to plan how your loan origination team will tackle serving this market…but you don’t have to create and execute the plan yourself.

Been there. Done that. Got the fancy pocket square and the job accolades to prove it.

Let’s talk about how Certified Community Lender coaching with NAMMBA can cultivate your team for leadership in this sector.

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