Carolyn Thomas of KHA Alpine Advisor: Business Volumes Demand Efficient Solutions to Your Accounting and Compliance Needs

Carolyn Thomas is Director of Sales with KHA Alpine Advisors, San Antonio, Texas. She has been with KHA Alpine for nearly eight years. She has been a member of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association since 1985.

Carolyn Thomas

With a shift in the mortgage industry, the demand for outsourcing continues to grow, especially in the professional services sector. To many mortgage business owners, the cost of employees can be a significant portion of their business budget. It can also make a significant impact on the success or failure of their business. It’s in this area that experts within the mortgage industry can help you make better decisions by providing you with expertise and services that can streamline your financial management. A scalability to account for business growth by benefiting in efficiencies and costs of shared collective client expenses.

Choose a mortgage industry leader, who can provide daily accounting, financial management, lender compliance, and quality control services to a wide range of mortgage lenders. One that offers specialty mortgage banking services to ensure the smooth operation of your business. A company who can provide monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reporting and daily transaction posting and reconciliation to keep your back-office compliant. One that also provides accounts payable and general ledger management to support your internal reporting needs. NMLS, state reporting and licensing can get a company in big trouble – choose a provider who can you trust to keep you compliant.

This reduction in business volume calls for new decisions. How can you still provide quality services and pay less in overhead expenses? By outsourcing to the industry experts who provide the accounting system and remote access for daily financial management processes, you can. Outsource to the experts, saving on licensing fees and technology assistance. Set your bottom line based on the true relationship between revenue and operating costs.

We thought we had it easy with the high-volume market conditions of the last several years. A seasoned mortgage industry leader can provide a simple solution by offering outsourced expertise.

Getting the accounting and compliance functions right is at the heart of your business model. It is important to remember, there’s a limit to what you can do about revenue, there’s a lot you can do about costs.

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