Brad Padratzik on MBA Associate Membership

(l-r) MBA Vice President of Communications Adam DeSanctis and MBA Director of Associate Membership Brad Padratzik.

MBA Director of Associate Membership Brad Padratzik discusses the competitive advantages of MBA Associate Membership.

MBA NEWSLINK: What is your role at MBA as Director of Associate Membership?

BRAD PADRATZIK: My role is to work with all Associate members to make sure they understand the benefits and resources of their MBA Membership, and to recruit industry companies to join. I do this a variety of ways, including in-person meetings at MBA events, webinars, and phone calls. My goal is to ensure our Associate members are getting the most out of their membership.

NEWSLINK: What type of companies in the industry should consider becoming an Associate Member?

PADRATZIK: Any non-mortgage origination company that wants to grow their business, increase their exposure and network with their customers and potential customers should consider joining. that is who should join. Associate members come from many different aspects of the industry, including tech companies, service providers, and law and accounting firms. 

NEWSLINK: What are the benefits of being an Associate Member?

PADRATZIK: Some of the benefits of being an Associate member are access to our Residential and Commercial members and Leadership. Members have many opportunities to increase their exposure and show thought leadership and subject matter expertise. This includes through articles on Newslink, as well as white papers that can be posted on There are also huge savings to attend our conferences, enroll in education courses, and purchase some of the outstanding surveys and reports put out by our Research team.

NEWSLINK: What is one thing Associate Members should know that they may not be aware of?

PADRATZIK: Every employee of a member company is also a member. Employees can be added to our database and start receiving communications, register for webinars and conferences, and more.  

NEWSLINK: What is your favorite part of the job?

PADRATZIK: Getting to know our members from all regions of the country and of diverse backgrounds is something that I really enjoy.

An MBANow video featuring Padratzik and MBA Vice President of Communications Adam DeSanctis can be viewed here.

For more information about MBA Associate Membership, click here; you can contact Padratzik directly at or 202/557-2920.