MBA Education School of Mortgage Banking I & II Sept. 13-16 in Charlotte, N.C.

MBA Education presents its popular School of Mortgage Banking I and School of Mortgage Banking II in Charlotte, N.C., from Sept. 13-16.

School of Mortgage Banking I emphasizes the interrelated roles of the functions within a residential mortgage banking firm and the relationships of the various institutions and agencies throughout the real estate finance industry. This course provides a foundation in residential loan production, secondary marketing, warehouse lending and servicing. It also presents an overview of associated disciplines essential to a complete understanding of mortgage banking, including ethics, regulatory compliance, real estate law, loan products, quality assurance, quality control and fraud detection.

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School of Mortgage Banking II analyzes managing profitability and risk in mortgage banking. It emphasizes effective organization and management of the production, servicing and secondary marketing departments for the purpose of controlling risks and maximizing bottom-line profits. This course covers developing new markets, production management, servicing portfolio management and valuation, marketing risk management and pricing strategy.

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