MBA Premier Member Profile: Ascent Software Group LLC

(One in a continuing series of profiles of Premier Members of the Mortgage Bankers Association.)

Ascent Software Group LLC provides the Jaro suite of appraisal tools. Ascent brings changes to the valuation process through automation and deep integration to the entire end to end workflow. At Jaro, we build more than tech—We forge connections.

Through pioneering software, we’re here to connect people and processes throughout the valuation journey like never before. We craft unified, seamlessly integrated software that provides visibility while inviting interaction, allowing teams, individuals, and processes to work together.

Our innovation is focused on two key components: Order Management and Valuation Products. As any mountaineer knows, no difficult journey is feasible without strong anchor ropes. Order Management is that crucial line — connecting individuals and teams through a robust, unified platform. Our Valuation Products blaze a new trail in the appraisal software space, providing comprehensive tools that work in tandem to deliver a cutting-edge valuation experience. By implementing these components, we take the pain out of the appraisal process, reduce clicks, and streamline the need for external systems.

Key Personnel

Gareth Borcherds

Dustin Taylor

Callin Baker

MBA NEWSLINK: What are some key trends your company is tracking?

Gareth Borcherds

GARETH BORCHERDS: Valuation and appraisal trends.

NEWSLINK: Why did your company join the Mortgage Bankers Association?

BORCHERDS: So we can network and build relationships in the industry as we look to support them in their needs for obtaining valuation of the property that they land on.

NEWSLINK: How has being an MBA Premier Member benefited your company?

BORCHERDS: It has been beneficial to have opportunities to meet top leaders in the mortgage industry and form relationships with them.

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