NAMMBA Launches Annual Benchmarking Surveys for Diversity, Compensation

The NAMMBA Family of Companies announced its annual benchmarking for both Diversityand Compensation in the real estate finance marketplace in two separate survey opportunities.

The Mortgage Diversity Survey is an annual, holistic survey looking at diversity amongst mortgage professionals. This survey helps establish and advance benchmark knowledge around the mortgage industry’s strengths and opportunities in the diversity space. With these data, participants can better understand how their organizations rank against their peers, and organization leaders can make more effective business decisions to support their employees and customers.

Results from this survey are confidential and will include data regarding the job title, positions held, gender, and race/ethnicity for more than 25+ positions in the industry. Report findings will include information from many organizations regarding positions that include:

  • Leadership: Board of Directors, CEO, Executive Leadership
  • Retail Sales: National Sales Manager, Regional Sales, Branch Sales, Loan Originator
  • Wholesale Sales: National Sales Manager, Regional/Divisional Sales, Account Executive
  • Operations: Operations Managers and Processors, Closing Managers and Closers, Underwriting Managers and Underwriters
  • Servicing: Post Closing Managers, Post Closers, Compliance Managers,  QA/Compliance Analysts, and Servicing Support
  • Other Professional Services: Marketing, Human Resources, IT

Learn more at:Mortgage Diversity Survey Sign-Up

The Compensation Survey is an annual, snapshot report of the current compensation ranges and trends among mortgage industry professionals.

Capturing data on compensation trends over time helps the mortgage industry as a whole better understand the current state of the field. With this data, participants will gain insight into how their organization ranks against their peers, and organization leaders will be positioned to make more effective business decisions, support equity efforts, and ultimately help to ensure the continued strength and vitality of the industry and their employees.

Using these survey data, the Compensation Report will include information from many organizations regarding the top mortgage positions such as:

  • Mortgage Loan Officer
  • Mortgage Closer
  • Mortgage Underwriter
  • Sales Manager
  • Department Head – Mortgage lending
  • Mortgage Servicing Manager

Gain a better understanding of the current state of the field by signing up to participate at: Compensation Survey Sign-Up.