MBA Chart of the Week: Top Commercial/Multifamily Originators

Source: MBA 2021 Annual Originator Rankings.

MBA’s Commercial Real Estate/Multifamily Finance Firms – Annual Origination Volumes annual report presents a comprehensive set of listings of commercial/multifamily mortgage originators, their volumes and the different roles they play. The report presents origination volumes in more than 140 categories, including by role, by investor group, by property type, by financing structure type and by location of the originating office.

The 2021 report presents a picture of a large (and growing) market with a wide range of participants. Firms vary from depositories to life insurance companies to Wall Street securitizers to real estate services firms to dedicated commercial and multifamily mortgage finance firms.

MBA’s league tables distinguish between when firms act as a lender – that is, closing loans in their own name, either for their own portfolio or with the intention of selling the loan to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, the private-label CMBS market or elsewhere – and when firms act as an intermediary – that is working with the borrower and lenders to arrange financing.

For more information on MBA’s detailed league tables, click here.

–Jamie Woodwell