5 Tips to Make the Most of MBA Live

Laura Lang

While MBA Meetings staff scramble behind the scenes to bring you an incredible 3D experience, there are also steps you can take to ensure you’ll make the most of your time at this year’s MBA Annual:

  1. Register in advance and review the schedule. Plan the sessions you’d like to attend in real time, and which you’d rather view later.
  2. Explore the portal. The portal will be open prior to the event so you’ll be able to go into it and check it out. That way you can hit the ground running on day one.
  3. Log in early each day. “There will be events that pop up that aren’t in the published schedule,” says MBA COO Marcia Davies.
  4. Use your OOO. “You’ll want to focus on what’s going on and not be distracted by calls and emails,” says Dawn Williams, AMP, Associate Vice President of Conference Program Development with MBA.
  5. Don’t watch it alone. If you’re working from home, Williams encourages you to invite your family to experience the Concert MBA with you. “It’s going to be an experience you’ll want to share with others,” she said.