MBA Premier Member Profile: DataVerify

(One in a continuing series of profiles of Premier Members of the Mortgage Bankers Association.)

DataVerify is the premier provider of risk mitigation, data validation, flood zone determinations services, and decision management solutions for the mortgage industry. DataVerify harnesses advanced analytics and technology to create automated and configurable workflow and decision management solutions. The result is a platform that empowers lenders to make precise and consistent business decisions.

During May, DataVerify is running a charity campaign on its LinkedIn page. Even though DataVerify’s reach is nationwide, it is a St. Louis based company and have decided to donate $2 to the St. Louis Area Foodbank for every new follower of its company page on LinkedIn in the month of May. DataVerify’s goal is to reach $20,000.

Brad Bogel

Key Senior Personnel

Brad Bogel, President

MBA NEWSLINK: What are some key trends your company is tracking?

BRAD BOGEL: As always, we are focused on how we serve our customers and make lender’s lives easier. But in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic we are more focused than ever on how we can find solutions to the new problems that lenders are facing. We are tracking new risks that lenders may be exposed to during this time and we are finding new ways to help mitigate them.

We have always had a focus on workflow automation but recently we have been able to help many lenders remove or bypass manual processes that have been an issue due to social distancing mandates. This automation allows loans to continue to move forward that may have otherwise stalled.

Another thing we are focusing on is how we can serve our community. Our LinkedIn account allows us to get content out to our customers that can educate them and inform them of upcoming changes as well as help them use our tools to their full potential. We want to see more lenders benefit from this so we have come up with a creative way to support lenders as well as our community. For each new follower of our company LinkedIn page this month (May 2020) we are going to donate $2 to the St. Louis Area Foodbank. We are a national reaching company but we are St. Louis based. I love the idea that our customers can participate and help us reach a goal of $20,000 or 80,000 meals donated while also getting to take advantage of the great content we make available.

NEWSLINK: Why did your company join the Mortgage Bankers Association?

BRAD BOGEL: We find value in meeting with like-minded, innovative professionals within the lending world and MBA provides that space to connect while also offering industry insight and education.

NEWSLINK: How has being an MBA Premier Member benefited your company?

BRAD BOGEL: Being able to leverage the additional opportunities to provide exposure to our services and ways we can help our industry.

NEWSLINK: Please provide any additional comments, suggestions or areas of improvement that could improve your premier level membership experience.

BRAD BOGEL: So far, we have really enjoyed having access to some of the premier benefits. We hope to take advantage of more of them in the coming months. This is our first year at this level but we know as industry leaders how valuable being a part of the MBA can be for anyone in this industry.

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