MBA Education Path to Diversity Scholar Profile: Gabrielle Beck

(One of a continuing series of profiles of participants in the MBA Education Path to Diversity (P2D) Scholarship Program, which enables employees from diverse backgrounds to advance their professional growth and career development.)

MBA NEWSLINK: Tell us about yourself.

Gabrielle Beck

GABRIELLE BECK: My name is Gabrielle Beck and I have been working in a finance/mortgage related position for eight years. I graduated with a finance degree from Southern New Hampshire University in 2017 and have been utilizing that degree in a Secondary Markets/Investor Relations role for the past 3.5 years at Residential Mortgage Services Inc. 

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my Golden Retriever Berkley, working on my Jeep Wrangler or out hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire working on the 48 4K list. I believe it is vitally important to unplug and spend time outside enjoying nature! 

NEWSLINK: How did you learn about the MBA Path to Diversity Program?

BECK:When I began working in Secondary Markets, I was encouraged to participate in training offered on the MBA website that was specific to our department. After taking those courses I began to look at the other course offerings at MBA and came across the School of Mortgage Banking courses and the Path to Diversity Scholarship. 

NEWSLINK: What inspired you to become more involved? Did a co-worker/supervisor/mentor encourage your participation?

BECK: My Department SVP, John Moquin, encouraged me to utilize MBA course offerings to better understand our departments role in the mortgage production process. He has since encouraged and assisted me in working towards obtaining my Accredited Mortgage Professional designation on my way to the Certified Mortgage Bankers designation. 

NEWSLINK: Did you find the application process to be user-friendly?

BECK: The application process was easy to access, easy to complete and had a quick decision-making process as well. It is helpful when we are seeing record volume to be able to apply for an opportunity like the diversity scholarship easily and quickly! 

NEWSLINK: How has the Path to Diversity scholarship benefited you, personally and professionally?

BECK: The Path to Diversity Scholarship is allowing me to take educational courses through MBA that will serve me throughout my career. I am beyond excited to attend School of Mortgage Banking I this November. Unfortunately, my course was delayed due to Covid-19 but regardless I look forward to working towards my AMP designation. I have also encouraged several other employees at Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. to apply for this opportunity to help further their knowledge and careers!  

NEWSLINK: What have you been able to bring back to your company as a result of the Path to Diversity program?

BECK: While my course was delayed, I look forward to bringing back my expanded knowledge to assist my department and others in any way possible. I love to identify areas for improvement and then create and implement solutions to make work life easier. I always prefer to work smarter not harder! 

I also hope to create some excitement for other employees to utilize this wonderful opportunity for themselves and their departments! 

NEWSLINK: What would you say to someone considering applying for a Path to Diversity scholarship?

BECK: DO IT! It is an excellent opportunity to expand your career and opens opportunities that may have otherwise been missed! There is no excuse for not taking advantage of the Path to Diversity Scholarship, I am glad I did! 


About the MBA Path to Diversity Scholarship Program

The Path to Diversity Scholarship Program recognizes existing industry professionals who are seeking to advance their careers through continuing education. Recipients receive a voucher to cover course registration fees, up to a maximum of $2,000, for popular MBA Education courses and designation programs. This education opportunity enables employees from diverse backgrounds to advance their professional growth and career development.

MBA recognizes that a strong, responsible and sustainable real estate finance industry requires a workforce that is reflective of our society at large.

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