MBA Education Path to Diversity Scholar Profile: Jeannie Sosebee, AMP

(One of a continuing series of profiles of participants in the MBA Education Path to Diversity (P2D) Scholarship Program, which enables employees from diverse backgrounds to advance their professional growth and career development.)

MBA NEWSLINK: Tell us about yourself.

Sosebee, AMP

JEANNIE SOSEBEE, AMP: I am an Operations Support Analyst/Senior Loan Underwriter with Synovus in Birmingham, Ala. I work with our Operations Manager and Underwriting Manager in support as needed. I review agency guidelines and how it will impact operations and what changes may be necessary to implement. I conduct training classes as needed. I troubleshoot issues that may occur with a loan in our LOS system and determine how to resolve. During these past couple of months and the tremendous volumes we have been experiencing, I have been working in the underwriting department assisting the underwriters with their loans.

I have 42 years in the mortgage industry. Wow! I began in the mortgage business upon graduation from high school. My first job I obtained through my high school principal’s wife. I thought I would work a couple of months until I decided when and where to enroll in college. I never got out of the mortgage business and never attended college.

My background in the mortgage business has been on the operations side. I have done nearly all aspects on the operations side–origination, processing, underwriting, closing and post-closing.

I am married to my husband Tim who is retired from the railroad industry and a former Marine. We have a shih-tzu named Saban and two cats named Missy Bear and Terry. We live on a private lake which has made working remotely during Covid-19 more enjoyable. When not working, I love to read, relax at the lake and University of Alabama Sports. My husband and I love to travel and attend Alabama football games home and away.

NEWSLINK: How did you learn about the MBA Path to Diversity Program?

SOSEBEE: I saw where a fellow team member had won this award. I was not familiar with the award and so I went to the MBA website to see about the qualifications.

NEWSLINK: What inspired you to become more involved? Did a co-worker/supervisor/mentor encourage your participation?

SOSEBEE: I am always looking for opportunities for learning. In the mortgage business no matter how much experience you have, things are always changing. I decided to apply and just see what happens. I am glad I did!

NEWSLINK: Did you find the application process to be user-friendly?

SOSEBEE: I found the application process to be a very smooth and user-friendly.

NEWSLINK: How has the Path to Diversity scholarship benefited you, personally and professionally?

SOSEBEE: The Path to Diversity scholarship has allowed me to take my CMB Prep Course and other MBA courses to help me in studying for the CMB exams. I will soon be using my scholarship to apply to take the CMB written exam. By winning the scholarship, it allowed me to pursue the opportunity to achieve my CMB designation.

NEWSLINK: What have you been able to bring back to your company because of the Path to Diversity program?

SOSEBEE: My company, Synovus, is very proactive in Diversity and Inclusion. Synovus was one of five 2019 MBA Residential Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award recipients. Prior to Covid-19, we were providing financial literacy to elementary – high school age students. I taught 18 third-graders in February and it was so rewarding to be able to do this.

NEWSLINK: What would you say to someone considering applying for a Path to Diversity scholarship?

SOSEBEE: I would tell anyone considering applying to go for it! I am proof that you are never too old to apply for a scholarship and/or continue your education. I am Secretary/Treasurer for the Mortgage Bankers Association of Alabama for 2020-2021 and I plan to promote the scholarship within the organization to all the members. I have already had it in one of our monthly newsletters.


About the MBA Education Path to Diversity Scholarship Program

The MBA Education Path to Diversity Scholarship Program recognizes existing industry professionals who are seeking to advance their careers through continuing education. Recipients receive a voucher to cover course registration fees, up to a maximum of $2,000, for popular MBA Education courses and designation programs. This education opportunity enables employees from diverse backgrounds to advance their professional growth and career development.

MBA recognizes that a strong, responsible and sustainable real estate finance industry requires a workforce that is reflective of our society at large.

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