Sponsored Content: Credit Union Enriches its Member Experience with BeSmartee POS Innovation

Orange County’s Credit Union sees mortgage applications soar after implementing BeSmartee’s custom SmartForm solution.

Company: Orange County’s Credit Union

Serving 107,000 members in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, Orange County’s Credit Union (OCCU) is “with you all the way.” With 10 branch locations and $1.6 billion in assets, the credit union strives to financially empower its members by simplifying the banking experience and providing access to easy-to-use digital products and personalized services.

Opportunity: Empowering Credit Unions with Member-Driven Tools

OCCU’s unique vision of generating leads for its system, combined with its mission to provide its members with a faster, easier and more convenient way to shop for a mortgage, led to the emergence of a new BeSmartee product, SmartForm.

Rather than requiring all of the borrower’s personal financial information upfront to determine eligibility for a particular loan program, OCCU partnered with BeSmartee to help it create a custom product that would ask the borrower preliminary questions, then provide a personalized rate quote without forcing the borrower to go too deep into the mortgage application process.

“BeSmartee’s SmartForm is a great product. It will be useful for all types of lenders because it essentially works as a pre-process to the mortgage application. SmartForm can be used to ease the process, get an idea of what the borrower is interested in and give them a personalized rate quote before they even have to apply,” said Michael Nguyen, Mortgage Technology Architect at OCCU.

SmartForm provides borrowers with:

• An easier, more intuitive process;

• A faster way to receive a personalized rate quote;

• The ability to shop for a mortgage without having to create an account and share personal information.

SmartForm benefits credit unions with:

• A fully digital experience for their members. SmartForm helps with lead generation and pricing, then pushes over to SmartMortgage, where the borrower can submit a full application, if desired.

• More control over the platform. For example, lenders can edit verbiage in the platform without having to wait for a code deployment.

• Insights into what the borrower is interested in.

Process/Approach: Using Creativity and Critical Thinking to Improve OCCU’s Bottom Line

Discover: BeSmartee’s new product team worked together to identify the need in OCCU’s mortgage process.

Research: BeSmartee’s business intelligence team worked with OCCU to identify the use cases and scenarios.

Context: Based on client research and product knowledge, BeSmartee created a unique customer journey experience to solve for OCCU’s business requirements. The project required creativity and critical thinking, which both teams contributed to.

Delivery: SmartForm was delivered across the company. OCCU’s team was provided full platform training and education as well as testing to ensure adoption and business impact.

Solution: Activating OCCU’s Unique Vision

In an effort to provide OCCU with more power in customizing its lender experience, BeSmartee custom developed the SmartForm solution to allow the credit union to build out a workflow for its specific business case, one that — unlike the predefined workflow of BeSmartee’s main application — OCCU would be able to modify without requiring additional development hours.

Through the utility of SmartForm, OCCU is empowered with more control over editing content, deciding the length of the member journey as well as determining which questions are asked along the way.

Looking Ahead

OCCU will continue to work with BeSmartee to further enhance SmartForm to improve member experiences and meet the demands of the credit union’s digital consumers.

Based on internal data, lending institutions that utilize digital mortgage platforms — like SmartForm, which makes it easier for their borrowers to search and apply for loans — have increased their conversion to an industry best rate of 90%.

BeSmartee’s commitment to pursuing strategic innovation is manifest in SmartForm. The company continues to create opportunities for lenders to digitally guide their consumers through a fast, easy and transparent mortgage experience, ultimately helping lenders maximize ROI.

About BeSmartee

Leading fintech firm, BeSmartee® disrupts the financial services industry with its award-winning, web-based Digital Mortgage Platforms for banks, credit unions and non-bank lending institutions.

BeSmartee’s powerful software solutions help lenders consistently convert higher, close faster and deliver a complete digital mortgage experience that goes deeper and faster to provide ease-of-use and transparency for their borrowers.

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