MBANow: First American Mortgage Solutions President Kevin Wall

The Mortgage Bankers Association released an MBANow interview with Kevin Wall, President of First American Mortgage Solutions, Santa Ana, Calif.

The video is available here.

Wall said his firm has been extremely active in creating application programming interfaces–APIs. “[We’re] taking our legacy data products and legacy solutions and services and really creating a modular technology on microservices using and levering APIs,” he said. “So that’s been our focus, how we can stay relevant and help drive innovation.”

First American Mortgage Solutions sees APIs as useful throughout the entire mortgage life cycle “from the pre-population of the application so a consumer can just verify information vs. needing to create it out of memory during that application,” Wall said. “Then, by componentizing a lot of the different APIs throughout the whole process, lenders and servicers are able to get the information they need and want at a relevant time in the underwriting process so the consumer experience is much more enhanced as a result of the APIs throughout that life cycle.”

Wall also discussed mobility, including empowering appraisers and field representatives to gather information for home collateral evaluations in a mobile, modular way, “really changing the entire process and shortening that lifespan tremendously with regard to getting a value on a property,” he said. 

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