Podcast: How To Build A High-Performance Culture with Marcia Davies


MarciaDaviesMarcia Davies, COO of Mortgage Bankers Association and founder of mPower, joined Real Crowd for a conversation around leadership, decision making, and how to build a high performing culture within your organization.

“We can’t get better if we don’t know what we need to get better at,” Davies said. “I encourage people to ask for the feedback. I actually, when I have one-on-ones with my direct reports, which are our meetings where we check in, I always ask them during the meeting, ‘What more do you need from me?’ That’s my way of asking them for feedback.”

The podcast can be accessed at https://www.realcrowd.com/blog/2019/06/podcast-how-to-build-a-high-performance-culture-with-marcia-davies/.