MBA Premier Member Profile: Aspen Grove Solutions

(One in a continuing series of profiles of Premier Members of the Mortgage Bankers Association.)

AspenGroveWhen it comes to profitability, mortgage servicers balance on a knife edge: Just one poorly managed defaulted loan can wipe out the profits from as many as 12 performing loans. Aspen Grove Solutions has spent more than 20 years building and integrating technology to help ensure that does not happen.

Aspen has created a unique platform that takes the concept of loan servicing and builds on it to deliver the entirely new concept of property servicing. By centralizing a servicer’s property data, Aspen enables that servicer to view and manage all activities associated with an asset’s life cycle and manage critical timelines.

Aspen’s configurable platform uses advanced, secure technology to integrate with a servicer’s existing processes and systems, enabling unprecedented control and transparency. Aspen’s solutions facilitate cost control and recovery, timeline management, alerts & warnings, investor allowable management, the elimination of bill-backs, vendor oversight, compliance and reputational risk, quality control and much more.

Some of the largest servicers in the United States rely on Aspen’s property servicing platform to manage the life cycle of billions of dollars’ worth of assets.

Key Personnel

–Sean Ryan, CEO

–Edmond Buckley, President

–Mike McAuliffe, COO

–Ron Briggs, SVP Business Development

MBA INSIGHTS: What is the most important issue facing your company right now?

SEAN RYAN: Revolutionizing default servicing. By focusing on solutions to manage everything to do with the property asset, while complementing loan servicing, we feel we are well on the way to doing this.

Servicers are reaping the benefits of having a single view of everything that happens on the asset level, no matter which third-party vendor or internal team member carries out the work. We believe that better outcomes for servicers lead to better outcomes for borrowers.

INSIGHTS: What are some key trends your company is tracking?

RYAN: Technology in the mortgage industry is moving closer to the consumer–growth in API Integrations, along with technical solutions to improve experience and service, will be key. Aspen is focused on building processes that support integrations and optimize outcomes for the industry.

We must continue to drive costs and risk out of the supply chain and improve quality: Unnecessary expenses are being passed throughout the industry because the systems that manage these assets and work orders lack visibility and control. Our property servicing centralizes the property record and provides control-tower oversight to store and manage assets in one interface. We manage all of the necessary integrations for loan servicing and back-office systems to provide consistency and control of internal and external processes with our workflow and process-management platform technology.

INSIGHTS: Why did your company join the Mortgage Bankers Association?

RYAN: Aspen is a long-time member of the Mortgage Bankers Association. MBA hosts many conferences throughout the year that focus on specific areas of the real estate finance industry. As many of our clients are also MBA members, these conferences serve as a valuable opportunity for us to interact with our clients and nurture existing relationships, and indeed begin new ones.

MBA also brings us the news and information we need to keep up with industry trends and changes and how they impact our business

INSIGHTS: How has being an MBA Premier Member benefited your company?

RYAN: Premier Membership offers many competitive advantages, including increased opportunities for education, networking, and marketing, which has served to increase our exposure, access, and recognition within the industry.

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