MBA Chart of the Week: MBA Annual Convention Interactive Survey


Source: Mortgage Bankers Association.   

At the MBA 2018 Annual Convention and Expo in Washington, D.C., we asked our members, exhibitors, sponsors and other conference attendees to tell us, via an interactive activity in the Exhibit Hall, which one of these four key industry issues would make 2019 a monumental year for them and for the industry.  

At the end of three days of polling, “Through Innovation” received the most selections, with 39 percent of the votes. In second place was “Networking and Training,” which received almost 26 percent of the votes, and in third and fourth place were “Through Diversity and Inclusion” and “Working with Policymakers,” with 18 percent and 11 percent, respectively.  

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(Joel Kan is associate vice president of economic and industry forecasting with MBA; he can be reached at; Kelly Elmore is Associate Director of External Relations with MBA; she can be reached at