MBA Mortgage Action Alliance Action Week May 14-18

The MBA Mortgage Action Alliance’s annual Action Week takes place May 14-18.  

MAA Action Week is an annual week-long event dedicated to helping real estate finance professionals learn how to become more engaged in political advocacy that supports our industry. This year, goals include:  

–Surpass 30,000 MAA members

–Exceed 5,000 downloads of the MAA App  

GeneLugatGene Lugat, 2018 MAA Chairman and Executive Vice President with PrimeLending, said MAA has been an essential part of his company’s advocacy.  

“The PrimeLending culture is built around our enduring core purpose–working together to have a profound and positive impact on the lives of all we serve,” Lugat said. “Last year, Action Week was the perfect opportunity for us to launch a company-wide campaign to raise awareness and generate support for the important work the Mortgage Action Alliance does to strengthen and improve our industry as a whole.”  

The PrimeLending campaign featured interdepartmental contests, daily emails and personal messages from company leaders. “It encouraged our production, operations and corporate employees to take an active interest in our future and join the MAA in record number,” Lugat said. “We’re looking forward to building on last year’s success to achieve even greater results this year.”    

“The best way for MBA members to make an impact is to join the Mortgage Action Alliance,” said MBA Chairman-Elect Chris George in a current MBANow video ( “You get your voice heard throughout the process of letting our legislators and regulators know how decisions that they make may affect the individuals in your organizations.”   

George, President and CEO of CMG Financial, San Ramon, Calif., said MAA is the best way to keep informed on what’s going on in the marketplace. “That could mean the difference between one person’s livelihood and another’s,” he said.   

The more MAA members, the stronger MBA’s voice will be as it plays an active role in how laws and regulations that affect real estate finance industry companies and customers are created and carried out by lobbying and building relationships with policymakers. Participants can help MBA reach its goals by running a MAA enrollment campaign at your company or office.  Remember, it is free to join and anyone who works in real estate finance can participate.  

MBA has developed an updated MAA Campaign Toolkit to help you become active and help organize your co-workers. Download the Toolkit at  

For more information, contact or call (202) 557-2777.  

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