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American Homes are More Affordable Than They’ve Been in 40 Years–But That Could Change Sooner than You Think
Business Insider, Mar. 19, 2018--Tanza LoudenbackThe U.S. housing market is favorable for sellers and tough for buyers right now. Prices are steep thanks to strong demand and low supply, particularly for starter homes. But all things considered, buying a home is more affordable for millennials now than it was for their parents, according to new data from Trulia.
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Mortgage Borrowers Face Some Changes With Senate Bill
Investopedia, Mar. 19, 2018--Donna FuscaldoThe driver of the bill is the loosening of regulations. While the provision that would raise the threshold to be considered too big to fail and thus subject to more stringent regulations and annual stress tests is receiving most of the attention, mortgage lenders and community banks would also see some relief from the bill.
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Why Reverse Mortgages are a Harder Sell Now
Fox Business, Mar. 19, 2018--Liz WestonEven before reverse mortgages became more expensive, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warned last year against another strategy that some financial advisers were promoting: using the loans to delay claiming Social Security.
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Millennial Home Buyers Underperform Despite Being Top Purchasers
National Mortgage News, Mar. 19, 2018--Elina Tarkazikis (subscription)Nearly one-third of all home purchases were made by millennials over the past year, but tight inventory and affordability issues prevented them from reaching their buying potential, according to a report.
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Massive Title Insurance Merger: Fidelity National Buying Stewart for $1.2 Billion
HousingWire, Mar. 19, 2018--Ben LaneThe title insurance world is about to get a whole lot smaller, as Fidelity National Financial is set to buy Stewart Information Services in a massive $1.2 billion deal.
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Mortgage Refi Outlook Rises for 1Q, 4Q-2017
Mortgage Daily, Mar. 19, 2018Home-lending during the first quarter of 2018 is expected to amount to $384 billion, plunging from $465 billion in the final quarter of last year, Fannie Mae said.
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Non-Performing GSE Portfolio Sells
Mortgage Daily, Mar. 19, 2018A Freddie Mac offering sold through an auction process had three residential pools with more than $300 million in non-performing mortgages.
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Quicken Loans Affiliate Amrock to Appeal HouseCanary Verdict
National Mortgage News, Mar. 19, 2018--Bonnie Sinnock (subscription)Quicken Loans affiliate Amrock Inc. is appealing a jury verdict ordering it to pay $706.2 million to analytics company HouseCanary in a legal dispute over a software licensing agreement.
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As Storms Get Stronger, Building Codes Are Getting Weaker
Bloomberg, Mar. 19, 2018--Christopher FlavelleThe Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety examined building policies in 18 Atlantic and Gulf Coast states and found that despite the increasing severity of natural disasters, many of those states have relaxed their approach to codes--or have yet to impose any whatsoever.
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A Private Equity Investor Discusses Where to Put Money at the End of the Cycle
National Real Estate Investor, Mar. 19, 2018--John EganVirtus Real Estate Capital CEO Terrell Gates said he continues to stick to a "cycle-resilient" strategy that zeroes in on seniors housing, medical office and workforce housing.
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