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Tax Reform’s Underrated Commercial Real Estate Impact Amid Residential Frenzy
Daily Business Review, July 9, 2018--Jaime Sturgis Following the approval of the federal tax reform bill, much of the discussion has centered on the legislation's disproportionately negative impact on tax-heavy states and the anticipated influx of residents from those states relocating to tax-free states like Florida.
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Mortgage Tech Enables Lenders to Close Without LO
Mortgage Daily, July 9, 2018An enhancement to a widely used loan origination platform can enable a home lender to close a loan without a mortgage originator--though some clients require a human touch.
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A Farewell to ARMs? Americans Still Shunning Adjustable-Rate Mortgages 10 Years After the Crisis
MarketWatch, July 9, 2018--Andrea RiquierAs the financial crisis gathered steam, Americans fled adjustable-rate mortgages. The share of all mortgage applications with floating rates sank below 1% in late 2008. A decade later, their share still remains low: 6% in early June, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, versus an average of about 20% in the ten years before 2008.
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Fannie’s Take on Paying for PMI Seeks to Avoid ‘Charter Creep’ Criticism
National Mortgage News, July 10, 2018--Brad Finkelstein (subscription)A Fannie Mae test to handle the private mortgage insurance process for lenders may raise concerns about charter creep, but the effort reflects its mandate to explore new credit-risk transfer alternatives.
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Supreme Court Shuffle: 5 Possible Reverberations for Banks
American Banker, July 9, 2018--Kate Berry, Hannah Long (subscription)A Supreme Court that moves even further to the right with the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh could make the policy horizon even brighter for the financial services industry.
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More White Knuckles for Lenders as Flood Insurance Deadline Approaches
National Mortgage News, July 9, 2018--Hannah Long (subscription)Congress has until July 31 to renew the program or risk a lapse in coverage, which would create a new round of headaches for lenders and real estate agents. Home sales in high-risk flood areas could stall, and policyholders would be unable to renew their insurance in the middle of hurricane season.
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Rent Just Jumped to All-Time High
HousingWire, July 9, 2018--Ben LaneNewly released data from RentCafé and Yardi Matrix shows that nationwide rents just hit a record high in June, crossing the $1,400 threshold for the first time ever.
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Rental Scammer Ordered to Repay $5.2 Million to Deceived Customers
HousingWire, July 9, 2018--Ben LaneAccording to the Federal Trade Commission, Michael Brown and his company, Credit Bureau Center, were found to have cheated consumers into signing up for ongoing credit monitoring services.
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Chicago Targets ‘Zombie Housing’ for Renewal, Block by Block
U.S. News & World Report, July 9, 2018--Anne Marie KukecThe city, nonprofit community groups, financial institutions and others are partnering to revitalize housing left behind in the foreclosure crisis.
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15 Surprising Real Estate Trends Impacting 2018
Forbes, July 9, 2018Fifteen members of Forbes Real Estate Council share what real estate trends or market shifts they have been most surprised to see so far in 2018, from blockchain advancements to the return of co-ops, rising home prices and more.
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