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Mortgage Securities Traders Ponder Future of Favorite Swap Deal
Bloomberg, July 20, 2018--Christopher MaloneySwaps linked to higher coupon Ginnie Mae II/Fannie Mae 30-year mortgages have rallied since February when HUD started cracking down on servicers whose loans to veterans were being refinanced at above-average speeds.
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Housing Supply Shortage Still Sapping Market Potential
National Mortgage Professional, July 20, 2018--Phil HallPotential existing home sales in June increased to a 6.12 million seasonally adjusted annualized rate, a 1.1 percent month-over-month increase, according to data from First American Financial Corp.
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Senate Democrats Unveil Sweeping Rent Reform Proposal
HousingWire, July 20, 2018--Alcynna LloydThe Rent Relief Act, introduced by Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and endorsed by Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., aims to create a new, refundable tax credit, that "puts more money in the pockets" of families, especially at a time when rent prices are outpacing wage growth.
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U.S. Homeowners Are Lingering Longer, and the Wait Is Paying Off
Bloomberg, July 20, 2018--Jeremy HillHomeowners in the U.S. are holding on to their houses longer than they have in at least 18 years, and when they do sell, they're reaping gains that haven't been seen since before the housing crisis.
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Fraud Alleged by Quicken Affiliate in Huge Lawsuit
Mortgage Daily, July 20, 2018A valuation affiliate of Quicken Loans Inc. is accusing HouseCanary of using fraud to obtain a more than $700 million verdict in an ongoing lawsuit.
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The Hard Part of Reg Relief is Just Getting Started
National Mortgage News, July 20, 2018--Rachel Witkowski (subscription)President Trump's signing of the regulatory relief law in May was a culmination of multiple efforts to enact changes to ease banks' burden. But it also signaled the start of a new chapter: regulatory implementation.
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SF Endorsements Up, Delinquency Down at FHA
Mortgage Daily, July 20, 2018Monthly new business was moderately higher in FHA's residential business, while loan performance improved. But commercial mortgage endorsements plunged.
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The ‘Need’ for Speed
UExpress, July 20, 2018--Lew SichelmanModern technology has vastly shortened the time it takes to qualify for a mortgage and close on a home. The internet continues to streamline the real estate process with new programs that improve efficiency at a blistering rate. But there are still some real estate transactions where speed can cause an uncomfortable squeeze.
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