MBA Premier Member Profile: Info-Pro

(One in a continuing series of profiles of Premier Members of the Mortgage Bankers Association.)  

Since 1997, Info-Pro’s mission has been to provide an unrivaled customer experience for lenders.  

Info-ProFrom our early days as a regional provider of real estate tax monitoring services to today as a national provider of real estate tax monitoring, flood determination and insurance monitoring services to over 300 customers we still follow that mission. Info-Pro has been helping residential, commercial and agricultural lenders of all sizes manage risk and reduce costs while improving operational efficiencies related to servicing their mortgage loan portfolio. Info-Pro helps our customers focus valuable time and resources on managing and growing their portfolio and less time servicing it.  

We provide real estate tax monitoring, escrow processing, fully-outsourced escrow payment, flood determination, flood monitoring, property insurance monitoring and lender-placed insurance services that give lenders the timely information they need to manage loan portfolios with confidence.  

Key Senior Personnel

–Chad Raube, President & CEO

–Mark Daniels, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

–Kris Pelot, Senior Vice President of Logistics and Operations

–Wendy Lax, Chief Financial Officer  

MBA: What is the most important issue facing your company right now?  

CHAD RAUBE: Info-Pro has leveraged its unique technology and outstanding customer focus to deliver a differentiated end to end customer experience for the lenders we serve, resulting in a net promoter score of 80. Our strong overall value proposition has enabled us to experience robust growth across the US. Our growth is predicated in delivering a superior product and doing a better job of meeting the needs of our customers than our competitors.   

Given the rapid pace of technology innovation, which is impacting not only lenders, but also the vendors serving lenders, we are continually monitoring the market to ensure we are allocating our resources in a manner to ensure we are always positioned to delight our customers, at a time when they are focused on a myriad of challenges, thereby providing them with the peace of mind that their tax checking and flood determination needs are in good hands.  

MBA: What are some key trends your company is tracking?  

RAUBE: Info-Pro is a data-centric organization focused on taking action on meaningful insights we extract form our data. Some of the metrics that are core to our business success and that of our customers which we regularly track include the origination rate of new mortgages, market share of mortgages by type of lender, and of course delinquency rates on real estate taxes payments. More strategically we closely monitor how technology is disrupting financial institutions to see how we can optimally serve our lenders, with a focus on cyber security, block chain, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

MBA: Why did your company join the Mortgage Bankers Association?  

RAUBE: Info-Pro is committed to being an active and constructive member of the financial and real estate technology ecosystem in which it has the privilege of serving lenders. MBA is a pillar of this rapidly evolving ecosystem and as such joining the association is aligned with our strategic goals.  

MBA: How has being an MBA Premier Member benefited your company?  

RAUBE: Being a part of an outstanding organization like MBA helps us connect with financial institutions across the United States. The connections we have made at the conferences the MBA hosts throughout the years has helped us add to our business by gaining more customers, but also help us make connections with other vendors within the financial institution industry to discuss new technologies and services that can help all institutions.  

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