Black Knight: Home Price Appreciation Steady

Black Knight, Jacksonville, Fla., said U.S. home prices appreciated for the 67th consecutive month, peaking again in November.

The company’s monthly Home Price Index report said U.S. home prices increased by 0.27 percent in November to a record $283,000. Since January 2017, home prices have increased by 6.49 percent.

New York led all states in monthly appreciation with home prices, rising by 1.36 percent from October. Together, New York and Florida accounted for seven of the month’s 10 best-performing metros.

Dover, Del., led all metropolitan areas with 2.11 percent growth, while Canton, Ohio, home prices saw the greatest drop of any metro area, falling 2.24 percent from October.

Home prices fell in six of the nation’s 20 largest states; Wisconsin saw the largest decline at -0.37 percent. Black Knight said 10 of the 20 largest states and 12 of the 40 largest metros hit new home price peaks in November.