MBA Awards $120,000 in Path to Diversity/Inclusion Scholarships

The Mortgage Bankers Association announced it awarded $121,283 in scholarships in 2017 to 102 minorities and women under its Path to Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Program.

The scholarship recognizes existing industry professionals from diverse backgrounds who are seeking to advance their careers through continuing education.

“Continuing education is critical to career advancement and the retention of top talent in a complex industry like real estate finance,” said MBA President & CEO David Stevens, CMB. “We are honored to be able to enhance diversity and foster a more inclusive environment by offering these scholarships.”

The scholarships were funded in 2017 by a donation from the Research Institute for Housing America and from revenue generated by MBA’s 2016 Diversity & Inclusion Summit.

To be eligible for the Path to Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship, individuals must meet the following criteria:

–Is part of one or more of the following under-represented groups: Non-white or bi-racial; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender; Female

–Is currently employed by an MBA member firm or state MBA member firm

–Has worked a minimum of two years in the mortgage industry, or has broad experience in a related field with some focus in real estate finance, or has post-high school education related to the real estate finance industry, to include training to obtain a license, company-sponsored training or MBA or other professional education.

Recipients receive a voucher to cover course registration fees, up to a maximum of $2,000, for any of the following MBA Education programs and courses:

–School of Mortgage Banking Courses I, II or III
–Other classroom offerings, including but not limited to Advanced Servicing Workshop and Multifamily Property Inspection Workshop
–Future Leaders Program
–Distance learning courses, including web-based self-study and instructor-guided online learning offerings
–Certification and Designation programs

Applications are evaluated based on a personal statement and a letter of recommendation, with bonus points awarded to applicants who are U.S. military veterans or disabled. Individuals are eligible to receive up to three awards during their careers, with no more than one award provided per calendar year.

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