MBANow: Fiserv’s Kim Weaver on MISMO Block Chain Challenge



The Mortgage Bankers Association released a new MBANow video featuring Kim Weaver, director of strategy with Fiserv, Brookfield, Wis., discussing the upcoming MISMO Block Chain Challenge, taking place at the MISMO Spring Summit June 9 in Minneapolis.  

The Block Chain Challenge will bring industry experts together with Block Chain experts to explore how mortgage industry problems might be solved by this transformative technology Speakers include representatives from Fiserv, Factom, PwC, Capco, Evernym and IBM.  

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“Block chain is not a single technology or a single thing that you would use in your operations; rather, it is a set of technology protocols that you can use to share data with your partners,” Weaver said. “When you use a block chain, you all have the same access to the same data, and it is a process that is transparent, auditable and secured.”  

Because the mortgage industry is so data-intensive, Weaver said, block chain has numerous beneficial applications. “This is a way of sharing that information and having it locked down,” she said. “The ability to distribute it across all parties really provides a lot of opportunity for efficiency.”  

The Block Chain Challenge Day is intended to bring industry and Block Chain experts together to discuss innovative solutions to the industry’s most pressing issues. To ensure that industry experts have a foundational understanding of Block Chain, the day will begin with a continuing education panel covering the basics of distributed ledger concepts. To ensure that Block Chain experts understand industry issues, the session will continue with a panel that provides an overview of the industry.  

For more information about Block Chain Challenge Day, including an updated agenda, click For more information about the MISMO Spring Summit, taking place June 5-9, click  

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