Deadline Today for MBA Insights 2017 Tech All-Star Awards

The Mortgage Bankers Association and MBA Insights are accepting nominations for the MBA Insights 2017 Tech All-Star Awards. Deadline is today, Feb. 1.

Since 2002, the MBA Tech All-Star Awards have celebrate industry leaders who have made outstanding contributions in mortgage technology. Awardees will be honored at the MBA National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference & Expo Mar. 26-29 in Chicago.  


Please submit emailed nominations to Mike Sorohan at Include this in the subject line: Tech All-Star Award 2017 Nomination. Use this form to complete your submission: Use this form to complete the nomination:

The nomination should be for an individual who has made significant and outstanding contributions in mortgage technology. You should include in the nomination email the person’s full name, current title, contact email/phone and specific supportive information that explains in detail why the person deserves the recognition.  

Please provide the following:

–A detailed summary of the contribution this individual has made and the actual industry-wide benefits the contribution has yielded. (NOTE: This is an individual award and not recognition of a company, so please approach the nomination process with that in mind.)  

–Metrics or numbers of any kind that show the impact of the person’s contribution to industry technology. Some examples might be adoption numbers, cost saving numbers, number of regulators/states/GSEs that mandate usage, etc.  

–Provide factual information that portrays how their contribution was a “first” or its “uniqueness” when it was first added to the market’s existing technology or infrastructure.  

–Career-long effort: Some facts about the number of years that this individual has been at the job of bringing about this industry technological transformation or contribution. Details about the number of volunteer committees that they have served on (and the hours put into that) or the number of years they have been working inside and outside their jobs to make their contribution into a working reality.  

–Adoption: some factual information about how their contribution has been adopted into the mainstream of industry technology. And the steps that they had to take to get this contribution adopted by the industry (the effort involved). Is it now widespread, or that still a work in progress (provide facts about market share, number of companies using the technology, is it pervasive, did Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac adopt it, etc.)  

–The special nature of this individual that has made this a cause more than just a job for him/her. Here it would be helpful to get the names, titles and contact information for people who could give further details about the unique role this person has played in furthering industry technology. (They can be with the same company or any industry colleague familiar with the person’s career.)  


Nomination Period: Jan. 9-Feb. 1

Notification of Winners: by Feb. 17

Presentation of Awards: at MBA Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference & Expo, Mar. 26-29 in Chicago.  

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Sorohan ( or 202/557-2855.