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Mr. Cooper Launching Mortgage-Linked Credit Card
HousingWire, Aug. 21, 2017--Ben LaneMr. Cooper, the nonbank that officially left the name Nationstar behind on Monday, is already the most unique name in the mortgage business. When using the Mr. Cooper Home Rewards credit card, customers can earn cash back that will be applied to the principal balance on their mortgage.
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No Money Down Mortgages? This Credit Union Welcomes Them Back
Orange County Register (Calif.), Aug. 21, 2017--Jonathan LansnerLending industry logic suggests the more money any borrower puts into a loan the more likely they'll make the house payments. So why is Orange County's Credit Union offering to finance homebuyers who put nothing down?
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Higher Mortgage Rates that Many Expected in Trump Era Haven’t Materialized
Boston Globe, Aug. 21, 2017--Katheleen Conti"In the months after the election there was an expectation the Trump administration would be able to enact tax cuts and infrastructure spending," said Aaron Terrazas, senior economist at the real estate website Zillow. "If they had done that, it would have boosted growth, which would have made the [Federal Reserve] more confident in raising interest rates. But the growth prospects are slower than expected."
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NY Re-Adopts Laws Requiring NY Mortgage Loan Servicers to Register and Post Surety Bonds
National Mortgage Professional, Aug. 21, 2017--Vic LanceThe New York State Department of Financial Services recently re-adopted a registration procedure for mortgage loan servicers. As a part of the process, professionals need to meet bonding requirements and provide appropriate errors and omissions insurance coverage.
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Fed’s Big Bond Unwind May Clobber U.S. Stocks, Corporate Debt
Bloomberg, Aug. 21, 2017--Rich Miller, Sally BakewellStocks and corporate bonds may be the surprise big losers once the Federal Reserve starts reducing its $4.5 trillion balance sheet.
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Housing Recovery Suffers, But Don’t Blame the Millennials
CNBC, Aug. 21, 2017--Diana OlickCompetition for housing is soaring, affordability is weakening and the U.S. housing recovery is grinding to a crawl--and, in large part, the baby boom generation is to blame.
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Mortgage Production Reports Vary Widely
Mortgage Daily, Aug. 21, 2017--Sam GarciaReports of mortgage production continue to roll in, with some home lenders achieving new milestones, ranking at the top of their local markets--or giving up on the business.
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Fannie to Allow Some Appraisal-Less Transactions
Mortgage Daily, Aug. 21, 2017Like its secondary cousin, Fannie Mae will begin allowing some home-purchase financing loans without appraisals.
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Deadline Looms on Flood Insurance Program
Scotsman Guide, Aug. 21, 2017--Victor WhitmanThe nation's largest mortgage banking trade group, the Mortgage Bankers Association, recently urged its members to reach out to representatives in support of bills that would extend the program.
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The Game-Changer for End-to-End Digital Mortgages: eClosings
HousingWire, Aug. 21, 2017--Brena SwansonNearly everything about the industry's prized digital mortgage is streamlined expect for the final, and one of the most important, steps at the end.
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Famed Plaza Hotel Is On the Block
Wall Street Journal, Aug. 22, 2017--Craig Karmin (subscription)The Indian owners of the Plaza Hotel have hired a broker to sell the New York City landmark, a sign that a world-wide scramble among investors, celebrities and governments to acquire the property could be nearing an end.
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