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Does America Have A Mortgage Rate Hangover?, Sept. 26, 2016--Miller, Peter G. The bigger question is how long low rates--including mortgage rates around 4 percent or less--will be with us.
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Reduce Risk of Downturn Exposure by Focusing on the Expense You Can Control: Energy
National Real Estate Investor, Sept. 26, 2016--Moeller, Jon  Commercial real estate observers may wonder if the sector's current run is approaching an inevitable plateau or, if interest rates rise, something even worse.
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Equifax Makes Big Change to Credit Reports to Help Mortgage Lenders
Atlanta Business Chronicle, Sept. 26, 2016--Allison, David For the first time in 30 years, the information Equifax provides lenders on traditional credit reports has been updated to include up to two years of debt repayment and balance history.
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New Housing Data Points to Market Contradictions
National Mortgage Professional, Sept. 26, 2016--Hall, Phil Latest numbers related to housing appear to show a market in a slight state of confusion, with one report citing slumping sales and two reports offering different conclusion on whether home prices are rising or falling.
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It’s Official: Fannie Mae Moves to Open Credit Box with Trended Credit Data
HousingWire, Sept. 26, 2016--Swanson, Brena Change could open up the credit box to potential borrowers previously unable to get a mortgage due to their credit history.
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114-Year-Old Bank Fails
Mortgage Daily, Sept. 26, 2016 An Arkansas bank has failed. Meanwhile, the failure of a much larger bank seven years ago proved to be very profitable for the acquirer.
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Wells Fargo Reaches Settlement in Robocall Case
Mortgage Daily, Sept. 26, 2016 Wells Fargo & Co.'s banking subsidiary has agreed to settle allegations that it violated federal law on telephone calls made in connection with home loans.
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Hedge Funds Take Another Punch to Gut
Wall Street Journal, Sept. 26, 2016--Chung, Juliet Brevan Howard to charge 0% fees for some investors, while Perry Capital is shutting down. 
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How Long Until Others Follow in Fannie’s Trended Data Footsteps?
National Mortgage News, Sept. 26, 2016--Sinnock, Bonnie Now that Fannie Mae requires trended data credit reports for its automated underwriting system, will other secondary market players follow suit? If so, how soon?
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Here’s What Trump, Clinton Said about Housing in First Debate
HousingWire, Sept. 26, 2016--Ramirez, Kelsey They barely mentioned housing, as it turns out.
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Freddie Mac Launches ‘Deep MI’ Credit Risk-Sharing Pilot Program
HousingWire, Sept. 26, 2016--Lane, Ben Plans to share even more risk with mortgage insurers.
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