MBA Premier Member Profile: Simplifile


Since 2000, Simplifile has connected lenders, settlement agents and counties for real-time collaboration and e-recording.

How? By going the extra mile for every client, seamlessly integrating with their systems, and offering the flexibility to work with nearly any document type from loan submission to collaboration to recording and post-closing. Our goal is to streamline real estate transactions to make your job easier and each day a little brighter.

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MBA NEWSLINK: What trends do you see in the next few years?

SIMPLIFILE: Given Simplifile’s roots in e-recording, the advancement of the e-mortgage is hugely compelling for us. When we developed our Collaboration and Post-Closing solutions, we made it a point to incorporate the MISMO 3.3x data standard to support lenders moving towards a completely electronic mortgage origination process.

The future of the mortgage industry is digital, and at Simplifile, we are doing our part to move the industry forward by enabling electronic collaboration on loans, e-recording of documents, and creating a digital loop back to the lender for those recorded documents.

NEWSLINK: What is the single most important issue facing your company right now?

SIMPLIFILE: While the mortgage industry has acknowledged, at least in theory, that new processes and technology are needed in order to meet the current and future challenges the industry faces, moving from theory to reality (i.e., adoption) has been slow-going. There’s a real hesitancy at the end-user-level to incorporating new technology into existing processes, and overcoming that reluctance to change has been something we’ve struggled with as we’ve moved deeper into the mortgage side of things.

NEWSLINK: Why did your company join the Mortgage Bankers Association?

SIMPLIFILE: When Simplifile began to expand its focus upstream to the interactions between settlement agents and mortgage lenders, it was clear to us that the Mortgage Bankers Association was THE voice for the industry, and we felt it was imperative to get involved with the MBA so that we could better understand the challenges lenders were facing in working with their settlement agent partners and develop solutions to address those issues.

NEWSLINK: How has being a Premier level member benefited your company?

SIMPLIFILE: Being a Premier-level MBA member has enabled us to shine a spotlight on our company so that we can communicate to the MBA’s membership base the value that electronic collaboration and e-recording can bring to their organizations. The MBA offers so many options to get in front of its members that it absolutely makes our investment worthwhile. There’s no other mortgage-focused organization that provides the kind of exposure and return on investment that the MBA does, and we’re proud to call ourselves members.

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