MBA Education Multifamily Property Inspection Workshop in Dallas Nov. 2-3

MBA Education presents its popular Multifamily Property Inspection Workshop in Dallas Nov. 2-3.

MBA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have adopted inspector qualifications “best practices” that require adequate training and experience for all those inspecting properties financed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Training is a key component of those “best practices” and will be a requirement of both government-sponsored enterprises. MBA is working with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to provide one training course accepted by both agencies.

MBA Education’s Multifamily Property Inspection Workshop provides training on how to perform a physical inspection of a multifamily property, including interviewing management, evaluating observable market factors and understanding basic laws and regulations affecting the property.

During this two-day course, students will have an opportunity to hear from and interact with lender personnel involved in the inspection process and regulatory issues as well as third-party engineering experts in assessing the physical condition of multifamily properties. A final exam will be offered online following completion of the course.

Why You Should Attend
This workshop benefits any professional responsible for inspecting commercial property. The course will also benefit asset managers and underwriters of multifamily properties to help them better understand the physical condition of properties.

–Understand how to perform effective, efficient inspections
–Receive a comprehensive training manual with picture examples of scenarios
–Take away action plans that can be implemented immediately
–Learn inspection best practices from experts in the field and other professionals
–Understand the physical and environmental impacts to multifamily properties
–Network with other mortgage inspectors

–Recognize key indicators of the physical condition of a multifamily property
-Develop a checklist outlining essential aspects of the inspection which need to be considered
–Plan all aspects of a multifamily inspection
–Develop essential skills to evaluate physical and environmental impacts to multifamily properties
–Define industry terms and procedures
–Present a property evaluation with confidence
–Determine data needs and develop reporting requirements to complete the feedback loop

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