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Building a Better Pipeline in Commercial Real Estate
Chicago Business Journal, Nov. 8, 2016--Wylie, Melissa Like many male-dominated industries, commercial real estate has a pipeline problem.
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Re-Performing GSE Mortgages Sold
Mortgage Daily, Nov. 8, 2016 The transaction involves 3,508 Fannie Mae loans with an aggregate principal balance of $789 million.
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Several Mortgage Events Left in November
Mortgage Daily, Nov. 8, 2016--Garcia, Sam Several conventions, workshops and events related to the home-lending industry take place during just the next few weeks.
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As Far as Tech Innovation Goes, Here’s Where the Industry’s Heading
HousingWire, Nov. 8, 2016--Swanson, Brena Innovation is the new buzzword for the mortgage industry, replacing TRID, which instigated a less enthusiastic response.
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Will Trump Tackle Housing Finance Reform?
National Mortgage News, Nov. 9, 2016--McKendry, Ian; Sinnock, Bonnie; Finkelstein, Brad Housing was the talk of the campaign two presidential elections ago, but it stayed under the radar in the 2016 race, leaving plenty of room to speculate about President-elect Donald Trump's likely mortgage policy for the next four years.
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PHH Exiting Private Label Origination Business; Selling Off Ginnie Mae MSRs
HousingWire, Nov. 8, 2016--Lane, Ben According to PHH, it is set to begin the exit from the private-label business and intends that process to be substantially complete by first quarter 2018.
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Office Pileup Gets Worse in Houston
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 8, 2016--Brown, Eliot Amid a steady drumbeat of layoffs, mergers and bankruptcies in the oil-and-gas sector, Houston landlords are being hammered by vacancies and sagging rents that are plunging the office market into its worst state since the oil bust of the 1980s.
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California Fines PrimeLending $1.6M for Interest Overcharges
National Mortgage News, Nov. 8, 2016--Collins Brian The California Department of Business Oversight imposed a fine on the Texas lender for violating restrictions on per-diem interest.
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Are Trust Charters the Key to Simplifying Fintech Regulation?
American Banker, Nov. 8, 2016--Clozel, Lalita While regulators discuss a potential federal fintech charter, another possible solution for firms trying to avoid multistate licensing already exists: the trust charter.
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Freddie Mac Planning Appraisal-Free Mortgages
Chicago Tribune, Nov. 8, 2016--Harney, Kenneth R. Giant mortgage investor Freddie Mac plans to dispense with traditional appraisals on some loan applications for home purchases, replacing them with an alternative valuation system that would be free of charge to both lenders and borrowers.
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Toronto Million-Dollar Homes Pushing Demand to Nearby Cities
Bloomberg, Nov. 8, 2016--Dmitrieva, Katia; Hertzberg, Erik Toronto's hot housing market is driving residents to seek more affordable options outside Canada's largest city, pushing demand for new properties to new highs in these outlying towns.
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Bias Suits Against Banks by Cities May Divide High Court
Bloomberg, Nov. 8, 2016--Stohr, Greg U.S. Supreme Court justices signaled they may divide over the ability of cities to use the Fair Housing Act to sue banks for discriminatory lending practices that contribute to urban blight.
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Why Lenders Must Be the Voice of Influence for Mortgage Diversity
National Mortgage News, Nov. 8, 2016--Arvielo, Patty  President of New American Funding and member of MBA Diversity & Inclusion Committee says lending industry cultural nuances by implementing three changes, retain and recruit a diverse workforce, create opportunities for diverse leadership and be a voice of influence committed to the future.
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