MBA Compliance Essentials Social Media & Digital Advertising Resource Guide Available


The Mortgage Bankers Association’s training and education division, MBA Education, presents MBA Compliance Essentials: Social Media and Digital Advertising Resource Guide.

This Guide addresses how to manage the challenges posed by digital marketing and advertising of residential mortgage products and services.

Digital media can take many forms, such as traditional Internet Web functions, mobile media, social media platforms, interactive uses and those that are yet to be developed. To remain competitive, depository and non-depository financial institutions must embrace digital marketing and learn how to manage and govern the accompanying compliance risks.

This guide reviews statutory and regulatory background that applies to mobile/digital marketing so that financial institutions can evaluate risks and rewards of advertising in the Information Age and plan accordingly. Appendices include a draft risk management program, policies and procedures and compliance checklists to help financial institutions establish an effective system of governance and control.

–David Stein, Of Counsel, Bricker & Eckler, LLP

–Statutory and Regulatory Background
–Requirements and Implications
–Draft Policies and Procedures

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