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Higher Mortgage Rates Scuttle Some Sales
CNBC, Nov. 21, 2016--Olick, Diana A sharp rise in mortgage interest rates after the presidential election is starting to hit home--home sales.
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What Does President Trump Really Mean for Mortgage Rates?
Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 21, 2016--Bindrick, Hal Mortgage rates have soared in the wake of Donald Trump's election, but don't necessarily expect that to continue. At least in the short term.
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Industry Insight: The Future of Fannie Mae’s Credit Insurance Risk Transfers
DS News, Nov. 21, 2016--Baer, Kendall Fannie Mae Vice President of Credit Enhancement Strategy and Management Rob Schaefer explains Fannie Mae's Credit Insurance Risk Transfer programs.
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Survey Finds Mixed Feelings on Fed Communication
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 21, 2016--Wessel, David; Olson, Peter  Sixty percent in a survey by Brookings's Hutchins Center give Fed communication an overall A or B grade.
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David G. Kittle Named President Of The Mortgage Collaborative
MortgageOrb, Nov. 21, 2016--Barnard, Patrick  David Kittle, CMB, Chairman-Elect of the Mortgage Bankers Association, has been named president of The Mortgage Collaborative, an independent mortgage lending cooperative.
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Deutsche, Citi Team Up on Risk-Retention CMBS
Business Recorder/Reuters, Nov. 21, 2016 Deutsche Bank and Citigroup teamed up to offer a new $975 million commercial mortgage-backed securities bond they hope will satisfy new risk-retention rules that take effect next month. The banks plan to keep at least 5 percent of each class of the securitization.
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For Analysts, Trump Can Literally Make Everything Great Again
Bloomberg, Nov. 21, 2016--Alloway, Tracy Wall Street sell-side analysts believe Pres.-Elect Donald Trump can make everything from securitized bundles of home loans to the U.S. dollar "great again."
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MBA’s Secondary Market Conference Survey: A Report of Findings
National Mortgage Professional, Nov. 21, 2016--LaMalfa, Tom  Veteran mortgage-market analyst LaMalfa analyzes the Mortgage Bankers Association senior mortgage banking executives survey.
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Rising Rates Threaten Global Property Investments
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 22, 2016--Patnaude, Art Commercial property has been a big winner from years of ultralow interest rates around the world. Now markets are signaling that change might be in the air.
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