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Lenders Need to Shore Up their QC for the Road Ahead. Burton Embry of Primary Residential Mortgage says in a period of declining volume, secondary market strategy becomes vitally important to ensuring adequate liquidity, and nothing can derail a sale to the secondary market faster than loan defects. Thus, lenders need to take a hard look at their quality control practices to ensure all loan defects are being adequately identified, tracked and addressed.

Banking Supply Chains: Not Just About Customers. Insights contributor Mark Dangelo explains why supply chains within banking organization hold opportunity to compete and save money as utility and Banking-as-a-Service models expand.

Why Branch Customer Opinions Don’t Reflect Most Banking Consumers. Sue Hines of Informa Research says the explosion of online and mobile capabilities have irrevocably changed how customers interact with their banks, and what banks need to do to attract and retain these customers.

Slideshow: Digital Lending. Insellerate, Costa Mesa, Calif., discusses what digital lending means to today’s mortgage lenders and how lenders can take advantage of newest technology.

MBA Chart of the Week: Agency Multifamily MBS and Total Private-Label CMBS Outstanding. MBA Research and Economics breaks down why the composition of securitized commercial/multifamily mortgage debt has changed dramatically in recent years.

The Race for Market Share: Traditional Lenders vs. Digital. Panelists at the recent MBA National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference & Expo discuss why digital lenders are changing the mortgage landscape–and why the mortgage loan originator might be an endangered species.  

Dear CEO: If You’re Not Uncomfortable, You’re Probably Not Making Progress. Consultant Deb Aydelotte says if your company’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace aren’t stirring the pot, then you’re probably doing it wrong.  

Lenders: Don’t Miss Out on the Surge in Home Equity Loans. Tim Smith, co-founder and president of FirstClose, Austin, Texas, says amid new opportunities, lenders are still somehow missing out on both keeping and acquiring new customers.  

Transformational Technology: The Next Logical Step in Innovation. MBA Chairman Rodrigo Lopez, CMB, writes why the real estate finance industry must be poised and ready to take the next necessary steps in strategic innovation, or transformational technology.  

Steve Case and the ‘Third Wave’ of the Internet. Steve Case is not only an Internet pioneer–he’s an Internet evangelist. His new book, The Third Wave, describes what he calls a new era of entrepreneurship, “one that will upend major industries and create a renaissance of entrepreneurship.” Case delivered at keynote address at the recent MBA National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference & Expo–read about it here.  

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