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Mortgage Applications Drop 1.2% on Highest Rates Since June
CNBC, Nov. 2, 2016--Olick, Diana The refrain is becoming familiar: Mortgage rates rise and borrowers retreat. "Globally, rates have begun to creep upwards as investors anticipate less aggressive monetary policies from central banks, and U.S. rates are being pushed upwards in response," said Mortgage Bankers Association Chief Economist Michael Fratantoni.
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SoFi and Fannie Mae Announce Cash-out Refi for Student Loans
HousingWire, Nov. 2, 2016--Swanson, Brena An estimated 8.5 million households could potentially benefit.
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‘Problem’ Loans Create a Drag on CMBS Refinancing
National Real Estate Investor, Nov. 2, 2016--Mattson-Teig, Beth Many high-leverage commercial mortgage-backed securities loans are searching for refinancing capital while the CMBS market is battling its own liquidity crunch.
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Mortgage Rates Falling After Fed’s No-Hike Decision
The Mortgage Reports, Nov. 2, 2016 Mortgage rates are falling on the news that the Federal Reserve did not raise the Fed Funds Rate yesterday.
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How Housing Would Fare Under Clinton, Trump
CNBC, Nov. 2, 2016--Olick, Diana To gauge which presidential candidate would favor the U.S. housing market, look at their wider economic policies to see how they would trickle down to housing.
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Fed’s Go-Slow Approach on Interest Rates Could be Derailed in 2017 by Rising Inflation
Market Watch, Nov. 2, 2016--Bartash, Jeffrey 'Dithering and divided central bank might soon be at a crossroad.' 
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Housing’s New Normal: Low Interest Rates, Shifting Demand, Coming Wave of New Homebuyers
HousingWire, Nov. 2, 2016--Lane, Ben CoreLogic's Frank Nothaft on how housing is changing.
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Significant Milestone: Non-Bank Share Of Origination Volume Crosses 50%
Mortgage Orb, Nov. 2, 2016--Barnard, Patrick Big U.S. banks have been retreating from the mortgage market for several years now due to increased risk and a wave of new regulations that have made mortgage lending considerably less profitable.
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Impac Mortgage Originations Soar, Servicing Grows
Mortgage Daily, Nov. 2, 2016 Home-lending activity took a giant leap at Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc. In addition, the organization reported sizable growth in its mortgage servicing portfolio.
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Life-to-Date HECM Production Surpasses 1 Million
Mortgage Daily, Nov. 2, 2016 Last month's production brought to more than a million the number of reverse mortgages that have been insured by the federal government.
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Wave of Maturing Loans Drives Up CMBS Delinquency
Mortgage Daily, Nov. 2, 2016 Loans that are included in commercial mortgage-backed securities had a 30-plus day delinquency rate of 4.98 percent as of Oct. 31.
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Quicken, Other Non-Banks Dominate the Low Down Payment Mortgage Market
MarketWatch, Nov. 2, 2016--Riquier, Andrea Nearly a decade after the housing crisis, the mortgage market has evolved in unexpected ways, with nontraditional financiers increasingly backing ever-more leveraged loans.
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Credit Suisse Reports Profit but Investors Unimpressed
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 3, 2016--Letzing, John Swiss bank has slashed jobs and sought to curb expenses as part of its continuing overhaul.
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Why Does It Take So Long to Close a Loan? Appraisers
HousingWire, Nov. 2, 2016--Lane, Ben Several speakers at Wednesday's housing summit hosted by the Urban Institute and CoreLogic, including Quicken Loans CEO Bill Emerson, said that closing times could conceivably be much shorter than that, even as little as 10 days.
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MBA Education Cyber Insurance for the Mortgage Finance Industry Webinar Nov. 10
Overview of Appropriate Insurance Policies, Claims Scenarios
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