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Trump Victory Creates Great Divide among Housing Experts
HousingWire, Nov. 9, 2016--Ramirez, Kelsey What do housing experts say about this shocking Trump victory? As it turns out, they're very divided in their opinions of what this will mean for the housing market, and the economy overall.
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Mortgage Applications Down 1.2% as Rates Continue to Rise
CNBC, Nov. 9, 2016--Olick, Diana  Mortgage interest rates have trended higher for five straight weeks. "Economic news in recent weeks has been mostly positive, especially in terms of GDP growth and increasing wages. This raises the likelihood of the Fed raising rates at its December meeting," said Mortgage Bankers Association Economist Joel Kan.
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Life Companies Shift Focus for New Year
Colorado Real Estate Journal, Nov. 9, 2016--Salzman, Michael Life companies expected a busy 2016, but when commercial mortgage-backed securities interest rates rose, life companies seized the opportunity to invest loan dollars at relatively attractive yields.
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If It’s Not Broken … Oh Wait, It Is Broken
Mortgage Orb, Nov. 9, 2016--Caley, Nora When Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reported their earnings for the third quarter, both reported strong returns, but this was not greeted as particularly good news among mortgage industry observers.
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Donald Trump’s Plans Fire Up Builders
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 9, 2016--Cameron, Doug; Tita, Bob President-elect Trump pledged on the campaign trail to spend $1 trillion over 10 years on a variety of infrastructure projects.
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FSOC on Chopping Block After Republican Victories
American Banker, Nov. 9, 2016--Heltman, John Analysts sifting through the outcome of Donald Trump's victory Tuesday night are singling out the Financial Stability Oversight Council as one of the most immediate casualties of the change in administrations. 
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Fed to Proceed with December U.S. Rate Rise Despite Trump Upset
Reuters, Nov. 9, 2016--Bathjia, Kailash; Bararia; Anu; Sen, Sarmista; Forgione, Samuel 85 percent of 62 respondents in a survey taken on Wednesday after the shock vote said the Fed would go ahead with a rate rise, its first in a year. Forecasts came from several of the Wall Street primary dealers as well as European analysts.
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PHH Settles Alleged Servicing, Origination Abuses
Mortgage Daily, Nov. 9, 2016 Allegations that PHH Mortgage Corp. has been deficient in its mortgage origination and servicing practices in New York have been been settled.
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Mortgage Lenders Hope for Relief From Regulatory Backlash
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 9, 2016--Andriotis, Annamaria MBA President and CEO David Stevens, CMB, said it is possible that a new attorney general appointed by Donald Trump would scale back these lawsuits, lessening risk of regulatory retaliation and possibly paving the way for big banks to return to FHA lending.
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How Mortgage Lobby Plans to Influence Trump, Republican Congress
National Mortgage News, Nov. 9, 2016--Passy, Jacob The Mortgage Bankers Association is focused on identifying and reaching out to the "key people who are going to be advising the president," said the David Stevens, the group's president and CEO.
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Does Donald Trump Spell an End to Fed’s Low-Rate Era?
Wall Street Journal, Nov. 10, 2016--Ip, Greg Early in campaign, Trump called himself a 'low-interest rates person,' but by the end he was warning of the danger of low rates.
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What’s Next Now that Republicans Control the Presidency and Congress?
HousingWire, Nov. 9, 2016--Lane, Ben Even before this election, there were already Republican-led efforts underway in Congress to change the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or eliminate it entirely) and repeal Dodd-Frank.
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CFPB’s Precarious Future Under Trump
National Mortgage News, Nov. 9, 2016--Berry, Kate; McKendry, Ian President-elect Donald Trump might attempt to remove Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray from his post and boost legislative efforts to weaken its powers.
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MBA Education Fundamentals and Best Practices in Mortgage Accounting Workshop Nov. 15
Held in Conjunction with MBA Accounting & Financial Management Conference
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MBA Summit on Diversity & Inclusion in Washington, D.C. Nov. 16-17
Productive Discussions; Creative Solutions
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