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Why Aren’t You Refinancing Your Mortgage?
CNBC, Mar. 8, 2016--Olick, Diana Mortgage rates have been historically low for several years, but a surprising number of borrowers are still not taking advantage even though rates fell again at the start of this year. How many? Close to seven million.
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Now Coming to the Commercial-Property Market: Defaults
Wall Street Journal, Mar. 8, 2016--Brown, Eliot New signs of weakness are surfacing in the commercial-property market, ending a half-decade run of improvement with steadily climbing values.
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Mortgage Rules Weigh on Minds (and Wallets) of Community Bankers
National Mortgage News, Mar. 8, 2016--Stewart, Jackie Changes to mortgage disclosures rules implemented in October continue to frustrate community bankers and is just another example of the struggle to stay independent.
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Genworth to Adjust Pricing Schedule for Borrower Policies
Natonal Mortgage News, Mar. 8, 2016--Peters, Andy Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corp. plans to change its pricing structure for borrower-paid policies.
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GSE Reform is Happening: Are People Paying Attention?
HousingWire, Mar. 8, 2016--Olson, Scott No one should be misled by the lack of comprehensive congressional action into thinking that GSE reform is on hold. Fundamental reforms already have or are now taking place--reforms that reduce risk, protect taxpayers and build on lessons we learned from the 2008 crisis.
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Dwindling Inventory Creates ‘Pac-Man’ Market in Northwest
HousingWire, Mar. 8, 2016--Thompson, Kelsey To say the Northwest housing market is tight is an understatement, as homebuyers snatch up homes as fast as they come on the market, despite rising home prices.
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Appraisal Volume Softens as Refi Market Tapers Off
HousingWire, Mar. 8, 2016--Swanson, Brena According to the latest report from a la mode, an appraisal forms software company that tracks appraisal volume throughout the country, the National Appraisal Volume increased 3.5% for the week of Feb. 28, compared to an 8.4% increase the prior week.
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Shed Light on Fair Lending to Avoid Compliance Blind Spots
National Mortgage News, Mar. 9, 2016--Karen, Ari New products and technology can help assure lenders that borrowers better understand their options and participate in lending decisions in real time during the origination process, and track and record those efforts for later use.
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Fed Likely to Stand Pat on Rates, Keep Options Open for April or June
Wall Street Journal, Mar. 8, 2016--Hilsenrath, Jon Federal Reserve officials are likely to hold short-term interest rates steady at their policy meeting next week and leave open-ended when they'll next raise rates given their uncertainties about markets and global growth.
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MBA Compliance Essentials TRID Cures, Corrections & Construction Update Webinar Today
The Mortgage Bankers Association presents the latest in its Compliance Essentials webinar series. TRID Cures, Corrections & Construction Update takes place today, March 9 from 3:30-5:00 p.m. ET.
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MBA Premier Member Profile: Info-Pro Lender Services Inc.
Info-Pro Lender Services Inc. is a leading provider of real estate tax monitoring and flood determination services. We provide financial institutions with tools to track delinquent taxes, set up escrow tax processing as well as flood determinations and homeowner insurance tracking. 
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