MBA Chart of the Week: Cumulative STACR Debt Note and ACIS Transactions Year-End 2015

Freddie Mac’s 2015 10-K filing provides this week’s chart. It demonstrates the degree to which new forms of back-end single family credit risk transfers, begun in 2013, have distributed credit risk.  

Freddie Mac has issued corporate debt securities which transfer a portion of the risk on a reference pool of mortgages, branded as Structured Agency Credit Risk securities and has negotiated reinsurance coverage, branded as Agency Credit Insurance Structures.   

As of December on a reference pool of $384.6 billion, Freddie Mac cumulatively laid off about 4.2 percent of the first-loss and mezzanine risk ($16.3 billion) using these methods. It retained $2.8 billion of the non-senior tranches and have counterparty exposure to reinsurers on $3.6 billion.  

The costs of placing credit risk with investors has varied with market conditions, with the recent widening of credit spreads leading to less favorable pricing.  

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