MBA GSE Rep/Warrant Reform Part I Feb. 18


The Mortgage Bankers Association presents a new three-part webinar series discussing the new Federal Housing Finance Agency/Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac representation and warranty policies. The first webinar, Rep and Warrant Reform Part I: Overview takes place Thursday, Feb. 18 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET.  

Attendees of this webinar series will come away with a thorough and accessible review of recent changes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s representation & warranty policies resulting from MBA’s engagement. Upon conclusion of this webinar series, MBA members should be able to knowledgeably assess the business impact of the recent changes, including on credit decisions and reserve calculations.  


–MI rescission and R&W sunset.

–Life of loan exclusions.

–Compliance with applicable laws.

–Right to correct and alternatives to repurchase (Seller and Servicer.)

–Self-reporting polices.

–Independent Dispute Resolution.  

–Revised sunset and monitoring.

–MI Stand-in.

–Life of loan exclusions.

–Alternative Remedies

–Selling and servicing.

–Independent Dispute Resolution  

Who Should Attend

–General Counsel

–Compliance Counsel

–Heads of QC

–Investors & Analysts

–Head of Secondary Marketing

–Outside Counsel

–Head of Secondary Marketing

–Outside Counsel

–Due Diligence Firms

–Analytic Firms  


Dan McPheeters, Associate Director, Secondary & Capital Markets, MBA  

Rep and Warrant Reform Part II: Enforcement, takes place Thursday, Feb. 25; Rep and Warrant Reform Part III: Resolution, takes place Thursday, Mar. 3. MBA offers a 15% off for anyone who signs up for three webinars in the series. Use GROUP15 promo code.  

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