MBA Education School of Mortgage Banking III in Nashville Jan. 24-27


The Mortgage Bankers Association’s popular School of Mortgage Banking III takes place Jan. 24-17 at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings in Nashville, Tenn.

The final course in MBA’s School of Mortgage Banking series emphasizes long-term strategic planning in a mortgage-banking environment. The redesigned course is an interactive, discussion based, four-day session that includes a new advanced computerized model-Advanced Interactive Mortgage Management. AIMM is a standalone simulation that replicates the experience of running a mortgage lending operation.

AIMM simulation allows participants to analyze the financial structure of a mortgage banking firm and the relationship between operating policies and profitability. The simulation incorporates industry trends and current economic indicators along with necessary operational expenditures. Through the AIMM simulation module, users have the opportunity to make strategic decisions based on these various factors and seek to maximize the profitability of the lending operation. The process demonstrates the cause and effect relationship of the decisions made so participants can better understand key decision-making strategy and techniques that will help to improve operational productivity and profitability.

Participants work within the computerized model through several economic quarters and varying economic conditions to restore profitability to their firm. The economic conditions create a robust learning experience that is reflective of the current real estate market conditions. Decisions such as staffing for both retail and wholesale channels, quantity of back office support staff, commission structures in relation to production and anticipated loan volume as it relates to product and price. Additional decisions include dollars allocated to marketing, technology and decisions related to pipeline hedging.

Course III classes are usually held from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. from Tuesday through Thursday; Course III concludes Friday from 8:00 a.m.-noon with a graduation ceremony awarding successful participants their AMP designation.

Download the sample SOMB III agenda to learn more about the program: file:///C:/Users/msorohan/Downloads/Agenda_SOMB_III_Sample.pdf.

All registrants are responsible for making their own hotel accommodations.

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