MBA Education HMDA Implementation Workshop June 10

MBA Education presents a day-long HMDA Implementation Workshop on Friday, June 10 at the Sheraton Austin at the Capitol in Austin, Texas. Both residential and multifamily lenders are encouraged to attend this workshop as MBA sets the stage for the coming implementation.

Join MBA and the Compliance Essentials program for a rigorous full-day discussion on the new Home Mortgage Disclosure Act rule. This extensive rule, finalized by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in October 2015:
–Significantly expands the number of entities, especially non-banks, required to report;
–Requires reporting of numerous new data points on borrowers and their mortgages while modifying many others: and
–Changes the format and tools used for reporting.

Hear from a panel of MBA and industry experts who will discuss all aspects of the rule as well as implementation, compliance and possible fair lending challenges it will present for mortgage lenders. Learn how industry experts including your peers are planning to manage the challenges presented by the Rule including making needed systems and operations changes. Leave this workshop understanding what your management, staff and vendors need to be doing now, and what resources you need to be committing to this effort moving forward.

–Details of the Rule and what has changed
–Who is required to report under the rule
–What data points are required to be reported
–Systems and operational changes necessary to collect and report
–What compliance timeframes and steps are needed
–What regulators and others will do with the data in enforcing Fair Lending and Fair Housing requirements
–Steps that companies can take now to analyze HMDA data
–Implications particular to both Residential and Multifamily lenders
–Understanding the rule (Coverage, Reporting Requirements, Challenges)

Designed to examine the requirements and challenges of the newly finalized Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Rule. Focuses on the Rule’s coverage, effective dates, transactions to be reported and begins the discussion of new data elements.

Additionally, the Workshop features these intensive sessions:

–Understanding the Data 1: Existing and Modified Data Points. Continues discussion of the newly finalized HMDA rule emphasizing the existing data to be provided by lenders and operational challenges and solutions. Includes an introduction into fair lending and technology concerns.

–Understanding the Data 2: New Data Points. Continues discussion of the HMDA rule emphasizing new data to be provided by lenders and operational challenges and solutions. Includes an introduction into fair lending and technology concerns.

–Understanding Technology Demands. Focuses on technological implications of the new HMDA rule’s requirements for data transmission as well as systems changes, MISMO and the functionality needed to collect, secure and report the required elements.

–Understanding Risks: Focus on Fair Lending and Risks of Data Availability. Expert panel reviews recent fair lending actions and orders affecting a range of business models and practices. The panel will give particular attention to the use of HMDA data in enforcement today and, considering the additional data elements to be reported, going forward. Panelists also will discuss what should be the focus of companies’ fair lending analysis.

–HMDA Supersession. Addresses key challenges under the rule, including protecting privacy and data security as well as a range of questions on implementation issues from panelists and conference participants.

Who Should Attend
–Company Executives
–Compliance Managers and Staff
–Quality Control Managers and Staff
–Operations Personnel
–CIOs and IT Staff
–Legal & In-House Counsel

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