MBA Advanced Servicing Workshop Apr. 20-21

MBA Education presents its popular Advanced Servicing Workshop on Wednesday, Apr. 20 and Thursday, Apr. 21 at CoreLogic in Westlake (Dallas), Texas.

The Advanced Servicing Workshop is new and improved. This all-new format is condensed into two and half days instead of the previous format of three days to allow participants to get back to their office sooner to apply what they’ve learned faster.

This course is designed for career-minded loan administration professionals who want to develop strategic vision needed to move their operation to the next level. This highly interactive program includes a discussion of loan administration’s role in the big picture of mortgage banking profitability; risk management concerns including current regulatory challenges and quality control; servicing financial management and profitability; and a valuable presentation of current MBA servicing research.

Designed and taught by respected industry experts, this course provides great networking and peer-learning opportunities and is sure to be a valuable career-building experience for AVP, VP, Director and Group level managers, as well as high-performing individual contributors.

Attend this course to learn latest trends and issues related to the most recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau exam findings. This advanced course will help participants improve exam readiness, quality assurance, cost control and profitability. It will also help broaden their perspective with loan servicing operations, and enhance strategic thinking skills necessary to manage a compliant servicing operation in today’s regulatory environment.

During this challenging and interactive course, our expert instructors will engage in an in-depth exploration of:
–Improving servicing profitability
–Preparing for the new CFPB regulatory challenges
–Applying operational best practices
–Implementing technology

Course Takeaways
–Timely information about economic trends and current regulatory issues impacting the servicing industry.
–Updates on CFPB exams and best practices to survive an audit.
–Review of profitability, cost to service and discussion of cost containment.
–Guidance and tools to achieve regulatory compliance and quality assurance in daily operations.
–Opportunity to network with other industry professionals and share best practices with peers.
–Foundational understanding of servicing finance to run a profitable servicing organization.
–Best practices for managing vendors.

Who Should Attend
–Servicing professionals at the Group, Director, AVP and VP level with 2+ years of experience who wish to take their career to the next level in managing servicing operations.
–Those who are seeking the Certified Mortgage Servicer (CMS) designation. This workshop is intended to satisfy the requirement for the curriculum of the Level III program.

There will be a separate enrollment and exam fee for the designation that is not included in the price of this workshop.

Please note: All registrants are responsible for making their own hotel accommodations.

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