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Mortgage Applications Down 6.2% as Refinancings Slide
Total volume fell 6.2 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis for the week ending September 4 versus the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.
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Lenders Say They’re Easing Mortgage Terms. But Statistics Suggest Otherwise
Everybody knows how important credit scores are to obtaining a home mortgage. But are lenders lately playing a numbers game with consumers - claiming they're willing to accept lower scores while actually approving applicants with higher scores on average than they did last year or even earlier this year?
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Industry Groups Call on Regulators for TRID Exam Guidance
Nearly 20 trade groups representing lenders, banks, credit unions, title companies and others are urging federal regulators to provide guidance on how they plan to enforce a new mortgage disclosure regime that goes into effect Oct. 3.
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Online Mortgage Lenders Are Beating Traditional Bank Loans
Traditional bank mortgages are losing ground to nonbank lenders, especially in cities with a hot housing market.
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Freddie Mac Makes It Easier to Get a Mortgage Modification
According to a bulletin sent by Freddie Mac to its servicers on Wednesday, Freddie Mac is making several changes to its guidelines for standard and streamlined modifications.
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Fed Wavers on September Interest Rate Rise
Federal Reserve officials aren't near an agreement to begin raising short-term interest rates heading into a crucial week of private discussions before their Sept. 16-17 policy meeting, according to their recent comments.
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MGIC: Primary New Mortgage Insurance Slips to $4B
Primary new mortgage insurance slipped to $4 billion, according to MGIC Investment's August operational summary of its insurance subsidiaries for its primary mortgage insurance slightly down from $4.5 billion in July and June.
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The Number of Job Openings in America Just Hit a New Record
After last week's disappointing jobs report, there's some good news on the employment front. Job openings hit a new record high of 5.75 million in July, the Labor Department reported Wednesday.
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