MBA Chart of the Week: HMDA Respondents

For calendar year 2014, 7,062 institutions reported lending activity under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. This count was down from 7,190 lenders in 2013 and down from a peak of 8,886 lenders in 2006. Increasing production expenses (on a per loan basis) have been driving more consolidation in the industry.  

Since the recession, depositories have seen both a sharp drop in the number of companies and in purchase market share based on loan count. While the number of non-depositories also decreased, their share of the purchase market has grown substantially, increasing from 27 percent of purchase originations in 2008 to 46 percent in 2014.   

The number of credit unions reporting mortgage activity under HMDA declined slightly over time although the group posted modest gains in purchase share.  

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(Lynn Fisher is vice president of research and economics with the Mortgage Bankers Association; she can be reached at Joel Kan associate vice president of economic forecasting with MBA; he can be reached at Brennan Zubrick is senior financial reporting and data management analyst with MBA; he can be reached at