To Deploy Capital More Efficiently, Investors Bring In Outside Acquisition Help

Wealth Management Real Estate, Oct. 5, 2021–Jenn ElliotSome commercial real estate firms are augmenting their in-house acquisition efforts by working with third-party firm that leverage data to help find deals.

In Positive Sign for Sector, Investors Continue to Favor Full-Service Hotels

Wealth Management Real Estate, Oct. 4, 2021–Bendix AndersonBuyers pulling the trigger on full-service hotels indicate confidence that business and convention travel will rebound in 2022.

Stock, Bond and Real Estate Prices are All Uncomfortably High

New York Times, Oct. 1, 2021 (subscription)An economist says the three major U.S. markets all show signs of severe overpricing.

Flood Insurance Costs Set to Rise as FEMA’s New Rates Kick In

Bloomberg, Oct. 1, 2021–Leslie Kaufman, Polly MosendzThe federal government Friday rolls out a flood-insurance program revamped to reflect worsening climate change, a program that will raise rates for millions of …

Supply Chain Issues Pushing Industrial Rents to Records

Wealth Management Real Estate, Oct. 1, 2021–Patricia KirkAs supply chain issues grow around the country and around the world, U.S. industrial property owners are benefiting, seeing strong demand for space …