MBA Releases Q1 2024 Commercial/Multifamily DataBook

The Mortgage Bankers Association just released its Q1 2024 Commercial/Multifamily Quarterly DataBook.

The U.S. economy continues to show strength, albeit with (long-expected) moderation in some areas. With inflation moderating and the unemployment rate rising, debate and prognostication about the Federal Reserve’s next steps remains active—both inside and outside the Fed. The result will depend on how the inflation and jobs reports come out in the coming months.

Commercial real estate markets continue to attract outsized attention but the dominant theme in today’s market is that CRE property markets are widely diverse and that broad brushstrokes do not apply. Office property markets draw the greatest focus, particularly as return-to-office policies evolve. As the office market evolves, investors and others are gaining a sharper understanding of which properties are more—and less—affected by demand challenges and therefore which ones can support additional investment and capital. That being said, we are likely closer to the start of working through the changes than the end.

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