Commercial/Multifamily Briefs, May 2, 2024

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Freddie Mac Multifamily Announces Enhancement to Fraud-Related Policies; Updates on Impact Bonds

Freddie Mac Multifamily recently announced a series of policy and process enhancements that further strengthen underwriting due diligence, bolster fraud detection and deterrence, and mitigate other risks.

The changes were effective April 18, and include enhanced property inspection requirements and more due diligence. They will appear in Freddie Mac’s Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide.

Additionally, Freddie Mac Multifamily announced its Impact Bonds program has issued more than $20 billion in Green, Social and Sustainability bonds since the creation of the program in 2019.

The bonds support multifamily properties that address persistent housing challenges, including environmental and social issues.

Kastle Back to Work Barometer Continues to Show Fluctuations

Kastle Systems, Falls Church, Va., reported its weekly Back to Work Barometer, finding office employees stayed home slightly more often the week of April 18-24.

Across significant data, Tuesdays continue to be the highest occupancy days (although Wednesdays are also popular), with Friday the lowest.

However, in the most recent week measured, nationwide peak daily occupancy fell by nearly a point to 60% that Tuesday. Weekly average occupancy also came down the week of April 18-24 to 51%.