Commercial Real Estate Basics: Introduction to Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate: January 2024: On Demand

Learn More: Jan. 22-Feb. 14, 2024

About the Event

Introduction to Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate teaches the foundational concepts of commercial/multifamily real estate that impact property owners and lenders. During this course, participants learn the rights to ownership (including land use considerations) as well as the various ways in which ownership in commercial/multifamily real estate is structured. Most commercial/real estate changes ownership and requires mortgage financing. The course also explores the types of lending platforms present in the capital markets and the types of documentation used for conveyance and mortgage financing. 

This on demand course is delivered in a flexible format, allowing students to complete the course at their own pace within a four-week period. The content is presented in short, bite-sized learning elements and includes pre-recorded videos, learning activities, downloadable guides and worksheets, knowledge checks and discussion boards. Additionally, MBA will hold two online current events/networking sessions, where students will have an opportunity to meet other course participants, discuss current events in the industry, and ask questions of a subject matter expert. The course concludes with a comprehensive final exam and students who successfully complete the course by achieving a weighted score of 75% will receive a certificate of completion. 


Foundations in Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate
Commercial/Multifamily Ownership and Land Use Considerations
Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate Lending
Commercial/Multifamily Conveyance of Real Estate and Legal Documentation


On Demand Course

Experience Level(s):


Intended Audience:

Commercial Loan Originators
Commercial Underwriters and Processors
Commercial Portfolio and Financial Analysts
Commercial Servicers
Individuals who work in other areas of commercial real estate (marketing, law, appraisal, accounting) and/or who want to learn more about commercial/multifamily real estate and lending

Program Schedule:

Monday, Jan. 22: Course Opens
Wednesday, Jan. 31 (2:00 PM ET): Current Events Discussion/Class Networking Hour
Wednesday, Feb. 14 (2:00 PM ET): Current Events Discussion/Class Networking Hour; Final Exam Opens


To be announced at the beginning of the course.

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