MBA Education Commercial Real Estate Basics: Appraisal and the Three Approaches to Value: March 2023

The goal of Appraisal and the Three Approaches to Value is to provide participants with appropriate knowledge to enhance their review of the third-party appraisal.

This four-part, instructor-guided online course discusses the ethics and standards appraisers are required to adhere to, reviews the appraisal process and explains the four tests required for highest and best use analysis. The course also discusses the background and steps to complete the three approaches to value: Cost Approach, Sales Comparison Approach and the Income Capitalization Approach.

The course concludes with how the appraiser reconciles the values to reach the final value conclusion.

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Appraisal and the Three Approaches to Value is one of eight courses in MBA Education’s CRE Basics series.


Introduction to the Appraisal

Highest and Best Use 

Cost Approach and the Sales Comparison Approach

Income Capitalization Approach and Reconciliation


Instructor-Guided Online Course

Experience Level:


Intended Audience:

Loan Originators/Loan Processors

Loan Analysts/Underwriters

Loan Closers


Individuals who work in other areas of commercial real estate (marketing, law, accounting) and want to learn more about the commercial/multifamily appraisal