August 3: mPower presents Why Mental Fitness (Positive Intelligence) is the X-Factor

The way you think either supports peak performance, healthy relationships and well-being or hinders all aspects of life. By identifying reoccurring self-sabotaging thought patterns, such as the Imposter Syndrome, you can learn to interrupt that narrative and shift to a different part of the brain and generate one of five Sage responses even in tough and challenging times.

Join mPower for a discussion to explore the principles of Mental Fitness (Positive Intelligenceā„¢). Mental fitness takes a root cause analysis of what causes stress, anxiety, and self-doubt and provides alternative responses to discredit and interrupt the Saboteurs. This best practice approach provides guidance to strengthen three core mental fitness muscles and completely transform your approach to growth and development.

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 3, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

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Understand what Mental Fitness (PQ/Positive Intelligence) is and why it matters

Complete the PQ Assessment and interpret the score to determine measures of mental fitness -the strength of your positive mental pathways (Sage) vs. negative (Saboteur)

Identify Mental Fitness strategies to support personal growth and professional goals – sales, productivity, etc.

Target Audience:
Anyone interested in identifying impeding patterns to growth and development and developing practical ways to strengthen their mental fitness to overcome challenging times

Marcia M. Davies, Chief Operating Officer, MBA and Founder, mPower

Linda Roszak Burton, President, DRW Coaching